Create charts and dashboards from SQL

FnordMetric allows you to write SQL queries that return SVG charts rather than tables. Turning a query result into a chart is literally one line of code.

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FnordMetric ChartSQL

FnordMetric ChartSQL allows you to write SQL queries that return charts instead of tables. The charts are rendered as SVG vector graphics and can easily be embedded into any website and customized with css in order to build beautiful dashboards:

An example says more than a thousand words, so here is a simple ChartSQL query:

IMPORT TABLE city_temperatures
   FROM 'csv:examples/data/city_temperatures.csv?headers=true';


SELECT city AS series, month AS x, temperature AS y
   FROM city_temperatures;
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You can execute ChartSQL queries from the command line against a number of external sources like CSV files or a MySQL database.

$ fnordmetric-cli --format=svg my_chart_sql_query.sql

FnordMetric Server

Fnordmetric Server is a standalone HTTP server application. It exposes a web UI and a HTTP API to run ChartSQL queries and collect timeseries data. You can use fnordmetric-server as a one-stop solution for metric collection and charting. Since fnordmetric-server aims to be a StatsD+graphite competitor, it implements a wire compatible StatsD API.

FnordMetric Server can store the collected timeseries data on local disk or in external storage (HBase).

Getting Started

FnordMetric is free software and licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0. You can use and modify it according to the terms of the license.

We have three 5 minute getting started guides and a number of examples for impatient people who don't like reading documentation (like the author).

See Examples → Read the Documentation →