FnordMetric v1.2.8 Documentation

FnordMetric is a framework for collecting and visualizing timeseries data. It enables you to build beautiful real-time analytics dashboards within minutes.

FnordMetric UI

FnordMetric UI is a HTML5 / JavaScript API that lets you plug real-time data and charts into any webpage without writing a single line of code. It gives you maximum flexiblitiy as you have full control over layout and style with HTML and CSS.

FnordMetric UI uses WebSockets to communicate with a backend server. There are two backend implementations: FnordMetric Classic (ruby + redis) and FnordMetric Enterprise (JVM).

You can use FnordMetric UI as a white label solution to power your custom real-time analytics apps.

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FnordMetric Enterprise

FnordMetric Enterprise is a JVM based timeseries database which serves as a backend for FnordMetric UI. It can handle thousands of gauges and years worth of historical data. FnordMetric Enterprise runs stand-alone, i.e. it does not depend on a backend store like redis.

FnordMetric Enterprise features disk persistence, a HTTP, TCP and UDP API, native WebSockets support and CSV/JSON Export. FnordMetric Enterprise can be used as a drop-in replacement for StatsD+Graphite (it is a lot faster, see Benchmarks).

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FnordMetric Classic

FnordMetric Classic is powered by ruby and redis. It offers a ruby DSL for processing data streams and building beautiful web dashboards from a collection of pre-made UI widgets.

You can also use the FnordMetric UI HTML5 API to display the data collected with FnordMetric Classic on another website or build highly customized / white label views.

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