This is an alpha release of FnordMetric. Expect bugs and vulnerabilities.

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Installing FnordMetric

FnordMetric is written in C++. You can either install a binary release or compile from source. Fnordmetric will install two binaries into your system: fnordmetric-cli and fnordmetric-server.

Compile from source

You need cmake and a modern c++ compiler. Optional dependencies are libmysqlclient. You can find the complete source code on Github

To compile fnordmetric

$ git clone && cd fnordmetric/fnordmetric-core
$ make
$ sudo make install

To run the tests

$ make test

Run via Docker

To run FnordMetric Server using docker:

$ sudo mkdir -p /var/lib/fnordmetric-data
$ sudo docker run -p 8080:8080 -p 8125:8125/udp -v /var/lib/fnordmetric-data:/data/fnordmetric -t fnordmetric/fnordmetric-server

To build a Docker Image for FnordMetric Server, use the included dockerfile:

$ git clone && cd fnordmetric
$ sudo docker -t myrepo/fnordmetric-server build .

Binary Releases

The first binary release will be published 2014-12-01