This is an alpha release of FnordMetric. Expect bugs and vulnerabilities.

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Collecting Metrics

You can use FnordMetric Server to collect timeseries data (and subsequently query the data using ChartSQL). FnordMetric Server stores the collected data on local disk or in an external storage system (HBase).

To enable metric collection, you have to start fnordmetric-server with the --storage_backend flag. See backends for instructions how to configure each backend.


Metrics are somewhat equivalent to tables in a regular SQL database. Each metric has a unique name and consists of a collection of data points called "samples" that are recorded over time (i.e. a timeseries).

A "sample" is a single datapoint. Each sample contains at least a timestamp and a numeric value. To keep the table analogy, each metric is a table that has two default columns value and time and each sample is a row in that table.

You can query metrics using ChartSQL like normal tables:

> select time, value from mymetric;

| time                  |  value  |
| 2014-11-08 20:30:12   |  0.913  |
| 2014-11-08 20:30:42   |  0.837  |
| 2014-11-08 20:31:13   |  0.638  |
| 2014-11-08 20:31:41   |  0.326  |
| ...                   |  ...    |

The metric name is chosen by the user and may consist of all alphanumeric characters A-Za-z0-9, dots ., underscores _, hyphens, - and slashes /

Example metric names:


Metric Labels

To allow you to drill down into your metric data in arbitrary dimensions, each sample can optionally be labelled with one or more "labels". Each label is a key: value pair.

For example, you could record CPU utilization data into the metric cpu_util from multiple hosts. You could attach a hostname=... and a datacenter=... label to each sample in order to roll up CPU utilization aggregates by host, datacenter or a combination of both.

Sample: metric=cpu_util value=0.873 label[hostname]=machine64 label[datacenter]=ams1
Sample: metric=cpu_util value=0.352 label[hostname]=machine65 label[datacenter]=ams1
Sample: metric=cpu_util value=0.543 label[hostname]=machine66 label[datacenter]=ams1

When querying metrics with ChartSQL, the label keys act as table columns so you can filter and aggregate/group by label values.

> select time, value, hostname, datacenter from cpu_util;

| time                  |  value  | hostname   | datacenter  |
| 2014-11-08 20:30:12   |  0.873  | machine64  | ams1        |
| 2014-11-08 20:30:12   |  0.352  | machine65  | ams1        |
| 2014-11-08 20:30:12   |  0.543  | machine66  | ams1        |
| ...                   |  ...    | ...        | ...         |

Label keys and values may consist of all alphanumeric characters A-Za-z0-9, dots ., underscores _, hyphens, - and slashes /

Sending Metric Data

FnordMetric Server currently supports two ways to insert metric data: