This is an alpha release of FnordMetric. Expect bugs and vulnerabilities.

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Sending data via HTTP

You can send metric data to FnordMetric Server using a simple HTTP interface.

To use the http interface, start FnordMetric Server with the --http_port option:

$ fnordmetric-server --storage_backend inmemory --http_port 8080

The fnordmetric server will listen for HTTP connections on the specified port. To insert a sample, send a POST /metrics request. There are two mandatory parameters metric and value: The metric parameter must contain the metric name to insert into and the value parameter must contain the floating point value to insert. Check out the full HTTP API here

POST /metrics

The simplest way to send in metrics via HTTP from your command line if you have FnordMetric Server running on HTTP port 8080 would be using the curl utility:

$ curl -X POST -d "metric=test_metric&value=23.5" localhost:8080/metrics

This would insert the value "23.5" into the metric "test_metric". If no metric with this key exists yet, a new one will be created.

Adding Metric Labels

To allow you to drill down into your metric data in arbitrary dimensions, each sample can optionally be labelled with one or more "labels". Each label is a key: value pair and is specified as an additional HTTP POST parameter where the key follows this format: label[...]

POST /metrics

POST /metrics

For example, if we want to sample the CPU utilization on multiple hosts into the metric "cpu-utilization" with two label dimensions "hostname" and "datacenter", our HTTP requests should look like this:

Insert value 0.642 with labels hostname=machine83 and datacenter=ams1 into metric cpu-utilization:

>> POST /metrics?metric=cpu-utilization&value=0.642&label[hostname]=machine83&label[datacenter]=ams1
<< HTTP/1.1 201 CREATED

Curl and square brackets

Alas, curl interprets square brackets as globs, so we have to escape the square brackets when using the curl command line utility:

$ curl -X POST -d "metric=cpu-util&label\[hostname\]=machine83&label\[datacenter\]=ams1&value=0.642" localhost:8080/metrics


>> POST /metrics?metric=total_sales_in_euro-sum-30&value=351 HTTP/1.1
<< HTTP/1.1 201 CREATED

>> POST /metrics?metric=http_status_codes&value=351&label[statuscode]=200&label[hostname]=myhost1 HTTP/1.1
<< HTTP/1.1 201 CREATED