This is an alpha release of FnordMetric. Expect bugs and vulnerabilities.

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Storage Backends

To use the metric data collection facilities in FnordMetric Server, it must be started with a storage backend. To start the server with a storage backend, pass the --storage_backend in startup:

$ fnordmetric-server --storage_backend=<backend>

The currently implemented storage backends are inmemory, disk, mysql and hbase.

Local Disk Backend

To store the metric data on local disk, you must also pass the --datadir flag to specify a folder in which FnordMetric should store the data. The file pointed to by --datadir must exist and must be a folder.

$ fnordmetric-cli --storage_backend=disk --datadir=<path>

For example:

$ mkdir -p /tmp/fnordmetric-data
$ fnordmetric-cli --storage_backend=disk --datadir=/tmp/fnordmetric-data

In-Memory Backend

The in memory backend should only be used for testing purpose since it will use an unbounded amount of memory. (Seriously, do not use this in production)

$ fnordmetric-cli --storage_backend=inmemory

HBase Backend

The HBase Backend is not implemented yet.