This is an alpha release of FnordMetric. Expect bugs and vulnerabilities.

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Sending data via statsd

FnordMetric Server allows you to send metric data using the statsd protocol. Statsd is a very simple, text based protocol.

To use the statsd protocol, start the fnordmetric server with the --statsd_port option:

$ fnordmetric-server --storage_backend inmemory --statsd_port 8125 --http_port 8080

The fnordmetric server will listen for UDP packets on the specified port. Each UDP packet must contain one or more ASCII lines. Each line is expected to be in this format:


So the simplest way to send in metrics from your command line if you have fnordmetric server running on port 8125 would be:

$ echo "foo:1" | nc -u -w0 8125

This would insert the value "1" into the metric "foo". If no metric with this key exists yet, a new one will be created.

Using metric labels with statsd

The statsd protocol itself does not support labels. However, the statsd implementation in FnordMetric Server respects a metric naming convention that allows you to specify labels.

The line format for metrics with one label is:


To attach multiple labels, repeat the square bracket clause:


For example, if we want to sample the CPU utilization on multiple hosts into the metric "cpu-utilization" with two label dimensions "hostname" and "datacenter", our UDP packets could look like this:

Insert value 0.642 with labels hostname=machine83 and datacenter=ams1 into metric cpu-utilization:


Batch insert

You may include multiple lines in the same UDP packet. The lines may be separated with \n or \r\n.

For example, to insert the values 23, 42 and 5 into the metrics "mymetric-one", "mymetric-two" and "mymetric-three", you would send this UDP packet: